Mexican Fiesta – Aauraa’s Take on the Raging Home Fashion Trend

Mexican Fiesta – Aauraa’s Take on the Raging Home Fashion Trend

There is this new design philosophy which has popped out in the recent times - Maximalism.

Maximalism is all about bringing fun into our homes by playing with colours, patterns and texturesand layered, global-inspired Mexican boho chic style is one of the freshest ways to execute it.

The Mexican style encompasses much more than symbols such as the chili peppers and the big hats. Strictly speaking in terms of home fashion, this style is very rich and full of tiny detailsgiving any space a beautiful globaltouch.  

Mexican home decor are characterized by the warm and welcoming ambiance and intricate interior décor elements.

Rich colors, woventextures and handcrafted textilesare key when it comes to decorating a Mexican style room.

The Mexican color palette includes rich tones and vibrant shades of both warm and cold colors.Introduced in eclectic, transitional or even modern styled spaces, these bring in warmth and interest. 

Rich vivid colorscreates a sense of warmth, welcoming, and stimulating ambiance. Pops of deeply saturated reds and terracotta orange keep this color palette feeling energized, but not overwhelming.

On the cooler end of the color spectrum, the perfect accent colors for a Mexican-inspired lookare warm plum hues, vibrant indigos, and sage. These calming colors bring in a sense of moody elegance and calm intothe space.

In addition to using color, Mexican-inspired home décor uses texture and handcrafted textiles to breathe life into a home. 


Known for beautiful embroidery and textures, Mexico inspired textiles infuse color as well as pattern.They give character to this space and they also bring everything together.

Colorful tassels and pompoms add a Mexican bohemian vibe to any space. 

In order to accentuate the Mexican style outdoors, introducing Mexican style biophilic patterns creates a visually stimulating environment and a cheerful disposition.

Plants add foliage, color, and personality to an outdoor area. These Mexican landscaping plants combined together with some traditional Mexican patterns and handcrafted textilesshould complete the Mexican look outdoors. 

You can get creative with this style due to its versatility in colors and styling options. Because this eclectic design embraces so many different types of colors, textures, materials, and levels of formality, almost anyone can incorporate Mexican-inspired décor into their home, and love the results.

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