Digital on Demand

Digital on Demand

To keep it alive and interesting, the world of fabrics still needs something exciting. The market always expects something new and different to indulge in when buying. Digital textile printing has made a revolutionary change in the textile industry.

Our digital print collections were based on the latest trends of digital Textile Printing. This type of printing has been in trend for its favourable reasons to the market. The shortening of the delivery time, increasing the design quality, expanding production capacity are one of the reasons why digital printing has been in trend for a while now.The biggest advantage is that this technique has drastically reduced wastage. This becomes a huge asset to any eco-friendly company as ours.

Aauraa Home Fashion being one of the two in- house digital production unit in Karur with a wide range of digitally engineered Kitchen towels provides an easy solution for achieving the aesthetics you are looking for in good housekeeping.

Our kitchen towel collection features a digital water colour print in bright colours making it easy to find the perfect one for your kitchen’s décor.

Why Watercolour prints you ask? Because it is a timeless classic. They have become the hottest trend in the design world. Watercolour effect creates super interesting and unique textures that cannot be achieved with any other form of design. The handmade vibe that’s inherent of watercolours whether the design is hand painted or digitally created lends a unique design.

Special layouts, increased number of colours and shading are a full advantage in digital printing. This makes it convenient to use watercolour effect in our prints. Any other printing technique does not provide the finesse and refinement that a watercolour print demands. Our semi-automatic digital printer with its 12 colour feature helps us achieve the best of these digitally engineered prints making each of it a masterpiece of its own. 

 Putting together the advantage of technology and the hottest trend of the year we decided to come up with a collection of digital print kitchen towels.Inspired by the kitchen itself, to make it visually appealing, our digital kitchen towels feature fruits and vegetables. Our water colour digital kitchen towels can add flair and personality to your kitchen. 

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