“Trees, if you please”

“Trees, if you please”

Aauraa Home Fashion has contributed for years to help our environment by adapting to eco-friendly measures and adhering to social responsible activities.One such initiative is Greening the Environment.

Greening the Environment

Aauraa Home Fashion has always been keen on planting trees and propagating greenery in and around the campus for years. Our production unit in Karur is surrounded by luscious green trees. Our factorypremiseshave been following pursuit by adding potted plants along the corridors and retaining bushes and plants outside offices.

That wasn’t all; Aauraa Home Fashion took it a level up bystarting an initiative called Greening the Environment. The primary intent was to plant as many trees to make a difference.  The employees of Aauraa Home Fashion organised the event on 20th October. Around 500 employees planted about five trees each making it 2500 trees altogether.

An Assortment of Trees

To avoid monoculture, andpreserve the natural ecosystem, Aauraa Home Fashion team planted about 95 varieties of trees. With an assortment of Almond, Coconut, Guava, Jackfruit, Lemon, Mango,Palm, Papaya, Neem trees and more we aspire to bring about the change we desire.

If this isn’t enough to help maintain the plantation, the waste water from the employee’s quarters goes through RO treatment making it fit for domestic use.This treated water is thenre directed to the plantation field making this entire initiative a socially responsible commitment.

Our Company focuses on a green, sustainable and eco-friendly approach. Aauraa Home Fashion puts Corporate Social Responsibility into play by working to embrace social good and have a positive impact.

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