Tropical Jungle

Tropical Jungle

To think Green and to live green is the new norm that is being adapted widely among designers today. Subsuming a way to celebrate nature and a sustainable environment for the future is a necessity now.


Vibrant tropical print seems to be the featuring trend of the season because of the growing depletion of forest resources in our moribund planet. This Tropical trend that has been inspired from the green seems like a refreshing explosion of chaotic mix of leaves, forests, flora and fauna. Diverging out to exotic surroundings and being inspired from the tropical forests the prints gives a vibe of a mystical paradise.

The trend sports a vivid colour palette with exotic floral and luscious leaves. The colours wereextremely significant to this particular collection to convey how incredible the colours of birds and flowers are in nature.

The deep dark green colour adds a contrast when put together with flamboyant colours like the yellows and pinks. Assimilating birds like Toucans and Parrots along with jungle animals like Tigers are an enormous way to approach this trend. The pinks from the hibiscus and yellows of the birds are equally distributed across the design giving it a sense of depth and tie the whole print together

The collection features a complete lot ranging from tablecloths to napkins. Not to miss the embroidered kitchen towels and napkins that is exclusive in this collection.

Aauraa Home Fashion has always embraced a green, and eco-friendly approach and this tropical trend contemplates our soul maxim. In the pursuit of Corporate Social Responsibility our company aspires to promote more “Green” themed products and trends when given an opportunity to. 

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