Ikat Prints

Ikat Prints

Trends repeat themselves; there is an age old trend back on the radar. With warm season coming up, you can’t go wrong with a classic Ikat print.

Ikat Trend is one such treasured trenddoing the global rounds again. The word ‘Ikat’ comes from ‘Mengikat’. It means ‘to tie’ the loose threads, in order to specify the areas where the thread would be coloured.The outcome is a motif that is abstract in appearancefrom the slight bleeding of the dyes.

Ikat is particularly eye catching with stylized motifs and abstract geometric shapes. Ikat has an enthralling characteristic where light and vibrant colours can give an airy, summery, and naturally authentic impression while the dark hues can turn out to be calm, elegant and serene. Although it looks primitive,Ikat gives a sophisticated, yet classic feel.

What is gone cannot be replaced but Aauraa Home Fashion has re imagined this trend in an inspiring way. We interpret Ikat that has been a traditional trend with an opulent and magical edge. Our Ikat collection is elemental and reflects the origin of their endurance. Natural imperfections; raw and marled aspects are enriched in these warm summery hues.

In addition to that, our colourful Ikat patterns bring out the best combinations to be simple yet charming. Everyone likes a little bit of a free spirited vibe in their home - think Bohemian, Gypsy, or Tribal Chic

speaking of which we are reminded of a fabric that ties together all these words.

There's something alluring about Ikat, a completely abstract style, contemporary prints and motifs but it's one of those evergreen fabrics.

What Ikat is about is that it is as diverse as it comes. The best thing about “Ikat” is that it never goes out of trend because of its complexity. Admired for its beauty and creative scope, Ikat till date holds a strong dominance in the trends.

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