Decadence and Glam

Decadence and Glam

Let’s get on with the Bling! While the Holiday season was all about festive embellishments, glitter and all things sparkly, what happens after the lights and tinsel is down? Thanks to the spectacle of modern trends, sequins have conquered the trends this year again. A touch of shine gives movement and presence to the product.

What is more expedient about sequins is that it doesn’t have to be exclusive for occasions. They have become everywhere and every day.  These addictively tactile discs have become an ultimate tool for creating what is known as an “Elevated basic”.

The Sequins collection at Aauraa Home Fashion has been designed with a sole purpose of functionality. Our Sequinscollection can look extremely chic any time of the year when paired with modern colours and fabrics. A little bit of sequins can carter a bold look when paired with a subtle blush fabric. Or be paired with neutral colour fabric for a more sophisticated look.

Sequins are becoming a must- have this season. Whether the style is edgy or classic, sequins have a place in everyone’s linen collection.

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