Stonewash Inventory

Stonewash Inventory

Owing to its timeless style and soft and delicate feel stone washed table and kitchen linen has a great deal of fans. From social media influencers to common folk, we’ve taken a liking for its enticements. First off, it is long lasting. Second, it is a sustainable choice that makes you home look serene and organic.

Organic Choices -The Trend

This trend of reconciling with an organic theme has been brought back this year as an attempt in search of calmness and a deeper connection to the nature. Aware of the fact that the environment is at a critical stage, this trend brings back the consideration of a reality that focuses more on the natural world. 

Products at Aauraa Home Fashion copies the language of nature and mimics the nature’s resonance with finishes like ruffles, self-fringes

and raw edges. Our Stone Washed collection epitomises the contemporary trend by adding lace and pompom finishes giving it a modern touch.

At Aauraa Home Fashion, Stonewashed fabric is used to create an easy going, unfussy, aesthetic to the products. Stone washalso increases the fabric’s softness and flexibility makingthe product more handy and performable. It also gives a slightly faded, vintage look to the products.

Building a collection based on this theme is an attempt to tie the natural and the new. This primitive and pure range reflects the source of their existence. Natural imperfections are the new trend that shouldn’t be missed. Plus, organic Home décor is even kinder to the planet while being every bit as beautiful, durable and a year-round classic.

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