Sparkles And Snowflakes – The Holiday Blog !!

Sparkles And Snowflakes – The Holiday Blog !!

Crazy as it looks, it is only 3 months until Christmas!!!!!! That joyous time at the end of the year, filled with family and friends, food and presents, decorations and celebrations. It’s the time of year where everyone is desperately looking around for the latest products to buy for their loved ones, and are on the search for unique objects to adorn their houses. The holiday season always has a touch of magic to it as the cities transform overnight: trees come alive with lights, garlands and wreaths transform walls once bare and bleak into festive displays and giant ornaments and trains magically appear on building plazas and in shopping centers.

Yes, you must have guessed it right!

This month’s blog of ours is all about Christmas, And for us at Aauraa international, Christmas is the most significant, craziest and busiest of all seasons. For us here our season starts way before the holiday spirit even tries to peep into your normal lives. We prepare new ideas, designs, concepts and colors. Our mission is to create a final product of the highest quality.

“The restless pursuit of excellence” is a pursuit of many things; knowledge, experience and wisdom among them. The goal of excellence is nothing without the pursuit. The pursuit is a journey toward improving; of not being content with a current standard and constantly striving to narrow the gap between what is possible and what is not.

The restless pursuit of excellence is a phrase that portrays a common quality of a group of professionals that make us who we are at Aauraa international. That restlessness is what pushes us to constantly challenge ourselves to exceed expectations and amaze rather than merely provide a product. We spend infinite number of hours in every step along the way before anybody experiences the end result of this process; the flawless execution of an idea that has been thought out to the finest detail in every measure humanly possible.

Every season we take on is done so with great pride and dedication. Everyone works hard to ensure that our clients are not only satisfied, but impressed with the details and quality of our work. It is the passion that forces us to make sure every single detail is thought through and taken care of. This passion urges us to double and then triple check all the details before a collection is finalized. Here we present to you a curated list of trends and colors that is in for the season and how we at Aauraa international have used these to best of our abilities and have created a stunning collection for table and kitchen linens.

Botanic Traditions

A perfect example of traditional Christmas colors, this trend focuses on the beauty of flowers, berries, and leaf picks to add stunning style and a modern take to these Christmas tones. We have gotten inspired with this trend and have come up with a beautiful collection of printed aprons and kitchen linens with a touch of metallic to it which brings a level of elegance and sophistication to a look that might otherwise appear more rustic.

Metal Magic

The past few years have seen interest in all metallic tones – from platinum, rich gold through to copper/bronze and more pewter/silver tones.  While gold has always maintained its popularity, the inclusion of other tones of browns, bronze, coppers and pewter’s have been predominantly as accent colors.  This year we have seen more exclusive use of these tones to create one of the hottest neutral palettes.  Rich luster, texture and elegance oozes from this combination. And this for us is the most favorite of all trends throughout the years, and we pride ourselves in being the first Home Furnishing Manufacturers India, to have a wide range of collection in metallics.

Classic Tartans

Tartans and Christmas go hand in hand with each other. its one of the most classic patterns around. It brings about a feel of warmth and love which is all Christmas is about.Just like the metallic’s, tartans are another trend that we mainly concentrate on. Every year we come up with new tartan designs that will go with the season, and use these tartans in various products for the table collection. Our tartan appliqués are usually a sought after product in the market.

Hand Crafted Look

Christmas is all about value addition and what better way to represent it than by putting our time and energy into hand crafting something for our loved ones. This trend for us was quite challenging as we had represent the character of love in our products. We took up this challenge and gave it our best with end result of some most the most unique designs using the technique of felt appliqué. Another important feature of this trend is embroideries and what better time than now is there to mention that we have the best state of the art embroidery unit where we do some of the most superior quality embroideries in our products.

The Nordic Touch

Another important trend that has sneaked in this season is the Scandinavian Nordic folk look. One thing Scandinavians understand better than anyone is the experience of real winter. The harsh reality of a Nordic winter is something that requires preparation and with the collective knowledge of a region that has faced and embraced this climate for hundreds of years, there are no better people to look to when searching for warming and festive ideas to make your home look and feel Christmassy at this special time of year.

Naughty or Nice

While most of us love the sophistication and elegance of the gold’s and soft hues or the traditionalistic reds and greens, some of us do like the whimsical, fun part of Christmas. And that is what this trend is all about. We here at Aauraa have played around with these themes with the usage of cookies and gingerbreads and other motifs that are whimsical and fun.

Honkong Fair

A major event that we look forward with great enthusiasm and high levels of excitement is the mega show that happens in the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre from the 20 th to the 23 rd oct 2016. We will be showing Trends in Table and Kitchen in Digital Prints, Jacquards, Dobbies, Embroidery, and Special Textures & Weaves & Finishes. And thus to conclude ……… Christmas is all about feeling special and we here at Aauraa want that special feeling to last all year long and that is the inspiration for this season. We believe in Santa and the Christmas spirit. We love the excitement of decorating and the anticipation of waiting for Santa to arrive. We love the kinder hearts of people who are more generous and more forgiving during this time of the year. We love the dazzle of the lights and the twinkle in the children’s eyes. We love the merriment of parties and friendships. We love Christmas.

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